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Rippe’s Apparel

Rippe’s Apparel is famous for better and designer sportswear, dresses, and designer knitwear, many exclusive to our region; great accessories; career and occasion suits; and outerwear; all for sizes 2 misses to 24 womens.


Rippe’s Furs and Outerwear—A Store Within A Store

Fur Showroom

Best Fur Values Anywhere

In our opinion, Rippe’s Furs is the best value fur store in the country. Here’s why:

  1. With over 110 years’ cumulative experience, we know fur, fit, style, quality and honest value.
  2. We receive directly from our manufacturers—no middle expenses other than customary fees.
  3. We sell more furs and offer more inventory than most fur stores, yet we take much lower retail markups.
  4. We shop retail markets extensively—local, New York City, Las Vegas, Baltimore, the southern United States and the Internet. Quality for quality, in our opinion (and our consultants’ and manufacturers’), Rippe’s Furs offers the best values anywhere!

Let us advise and guide you. We are available for consultation at your convenience.

Other Services

  • Our on-premises cold storage and conditioning ensure that your furs are protected and ready for use when you are ready. Why condition and store your fur? 
  • We repair, reline, shorten, lengthen, take in, make larger, and monogram furs. A variety of restyling options are also available.


Fur Care and Storage

Lady in Coat

“I didn’t wear my fur much this year. It doesn’t need storage or conditioning.

We hear this occasionally, but whether worn or not, fur cold storage and conditioning extends the useful life of furs.

Rippe’s cold storage fur vault controls air quality, temperature and humidity

Conditioning/cleaning/glazing by our experienced technicians minimizes oxidation of your fur (the discoloration caused by air contact). Dust, make-up, oils, perfumes and tobacco smoke are removed before they can cause permanent damage. During annual conditioning and storage inspection, Rippe’s identifies and corrects problems such as small tears in seams, missing hooks, and buttons before they lead to more costly repairs.

Also, at the low temperatures in our fur vault, moths and other insects cannot survive.

Annual fur cold storage and conditioning pays big dividends in extending the wearable life of your precious fur garments.


Fur Restyling


Lady in Jacket

Any fur can be restyled. If it is in great condition, but out of style, the silhouette can be updated by modifying the collar, sleeves, shoulders, and hem length. Shearing fur is another way to remodel a coat or a jacket. It’s like giving the coat a haircut, creating a sleek, smooth appearance.

Or you might want to consider something more creative. Turn the fur into a poncho, a vest, or a bomber jacket. With the leftover fur you can create pillows, a hat, or a scarf.

Smaller fur pieces won’t even be wasted when used to embellish collars or cuffs on suits, coats, even denim jackets.

With innovative new manufacturing techniques, fur remodel programs offer clients more options. Restyles and remodels are more popular than ever. Many clients who purchased fur coats years ago, or inherited older furs recently, can now update to more modern silhouettes. So don’t leave an old coat hanging in the closet. Give that fur a new look!


Rippe’s Shoes—The Store Next Door

Famous makers include:

  • Birkenstock; J. Reneé; Ilse Jacobsen; UGG; Arcopedico; Born; Sofft; Spring Step; and more.
  • Sizes 5-11, 36-42 Euro
Rippe's Shoes Interior
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