Simon Sebbag Designs - Triple Strand Tigereye Necklace with Hammered Sterling Silver Block

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Chunky statement jewelry at its finest! Wear this short collar necklace with teal or neutral stones from fall to early spring.


  • Tigereye stones and .925 pure sterling silver
  • Hook and loop closure for ease-of-use
  • Simon Sebbag Designs holder bag included
  • Polish regularly with silver cleaning cloth for maximum shine

Each piece of Simon Sebbag jewelry is handcrafted in a family-owned and operated factory in Israel. They create stunning Sterling Silver jewelry that is chunky yet lightweight with a unique electroforming process. In electroforming, a wax mold is created and inserted into a .925 pure sterling silver bath and thick layers of silver adhere to the mold. This process results in a light, comfortable piece of jewelry which is then hand-polished to achieve a dazzling shine.