2010 Fashion Benefit for Breast Cancer

Dear Area Community, Danville Cancer Association now has approximately $15,000 more funds in their treasury to assist area breast cancer patients in need. Cancer touches so many lives; we are truly grateful that the support was 25% more than the record last year....


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Angela Osborne, Barbara Seamster, Betty Yates, Betty-Bruce Lind, Caroline Neal, Chelsey Harum, Connie Maitland, Darlene Calvert, Debbie Herndon, Deborah Parrish, Delisa Chandler, Elene Farlow, Frankie Smith, Hazel Williams, Helen Harris, Jacqueline Maxwell, Janet Holley, Jeff Wright, Jennifer Stermer, Joann Graham, Joann Howard, Julie Thomas, Karen Johnston, Katherine Smith, Kathlien Harris, Kathy Shanks, Kaye Marshall, Ken Robertson, Laura Lewis, Lauren Mathena, Leslie Smith, Linda Bradley, Linda Jones, Lori Moran, Lynn Robertson, Marilyn Pagano, Martha Walker, Michelle Benton, Nancy Kaylor, Patricia Maurakis, Patrick Daly, Patti Bolton, Paula Haynes, Peggy Wright, Ralph Hogg, Ronnie Mand, Rosa Chambers, Sandy Evans, Sharon Folley, Stephanie Mitchen, Susan Dufour, Susan Mathena, Vickie Vaden, Wendy Shields


Alexis Ehrhardt, Becky Brown, Diane Whittle, Katie Reynolds, Marilyn Jones, Renee Hughes, Stephanie Ferrugia, Sue Lea, Tracy Keller

Our Team

The Rippe’s team wears “Pink Is the New Black”