Fur Restyling

Lady in fur jacket

Don’t know what to do with that old fur in the back of the closet? Rescue your relic and turn it into something new and chic.

Any fur can be restyled. If it is in great condition, but out of style, the silhouette can be updated by modifying the collar, sleeves, shoulders, and hem length. Shearing fur is another way to remodel a coat or a jacket. It’s like giving the coat a haircut, creating a sleek, smooth appearance.

Or you might want to consider something more creative. Turn the fur into a poncho, a vest, or a bomber jacket. With the leftover fur you can create pillows, a hat, or a scarf.

Smaller fur pieces won’t even be wasted when used to embellish collars or cuffs on suits, coats, even denim jackets.

With innovative new manufacturing techniques, fur remodel programs offer clients more options. Restyles and remodels are more popular than ever. Many clients who purchased fur coats years ago, or inherited older furs recently, can now update to more modern silhouettes. So don’t leave an old coat hanging in the closet. Give that fur a new look!